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Jan 16, 2010 9:30am EST
with the big dog, united states navy. they have resupply ships that can come in. they can stay there for a long time. >> indefinitely. >> suspect you'll see it there a long time with doctors being changed out as i said, these doctors we have there are critical to the base care back in the united states. i would suspect many military families, as we did during katrina, will be referred to local civilian hospitals because of the impact of all these doctors. >> well, there are a lot of doctors on board, a lot of equipment. this alone cannot meet all the medical needs. >> absolutely. visualize this as a level-one trauma center. helicopters pick people up for immediate care to go there to get sustaining care. they might stay on that ship a few days until they can move them on and move them to sustained medical care. it's like a moving emergency room that can take care of a large amount of patients, stabilize them, and move them to a place where they can recover. >> a reminder to our viewers, you are watching a live picture of the "usns comfort" leaving from baltimore, maryland, heading to haiti. it
Jan 30, 2010 9:30am EST
senators in the united states senate. they weren't able to get anything really done with that majority with a lower number this year and possibly even lower next year, window of opportunity for obama to get these things done is really closing fast. >> i want to show, talk just a little bit more about some of these small business including eliminating capital gains taxes for small business investors. this means if you put money into a small business you don't have to pay capital gains on that when you sell it. very big deal for folks out there. also, tax incentives for buying equipment. you can write it off earlier. also, slashing tax breaks for companies that hire overseas, which is really interesting stuff. now, of course, the reason you give small businesses big tax breaks is because they are the hiring engine of the economy. right, eamon? >> absolutely. >> that's the thinking behind this. tell me, you know, in your view, let's go to those middle class tax cuts for a second because there's a lot of tax credits in that. is there as much support for that as there would be for the small
Jan 23, 2010 9:30am EST
of blankets here in the united states to a charity group they have to get it to haitihai. they would spend so much money doing that it wouldn't do very much good. it's a bad idea to give goods. give cash as generously as you can. one thing people can do is start trying to hold fund-raisers instead of gathering a lot of goods and trying to collect them. it would be great to raise money from friends and relatives and start pooling your money. there's going to be a long rebuilding period. haiti is going to need money for a long time. so people really need to start thinking about that as well. >> stacy, great thoughts. i hope everybody takes your advice today. thank you so much. >>> while the events in haiti have captured the attention of the world, there's news that will affect a good deal of folks in this country as it relates to the economy. big changes to a plan that is supposed to help the housing market bounce back. the important details you need to hear, next. >>> if you're looking to buy a home with an fha loan or you took advantage of that home buyer tax credit, there are some new rules
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3